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Stu Murray 

Author | Educator | Yogi | Consultant | Philosopher | Activist | Entrepreneur

I am a student of Life – always in search of eye-opening first-hand stories that only experience can provide. I believe a more beautiful world—filled with abundance, reverence, and possibility—is not only possible, but is at our doorstep. My intentions and actions are in service of cultivating this more beautiful world.

My Story

I spent the last 6 years pursuing a highly unorthodox career path in public education focused on breathing life into an outdated system, while challenging the status quo at every turn. I am acutely aware that traditional schooling lacks essential life-enriching learning opportunities and instead often churns out compliance and conformity. I am driven by my motto of, “Inspiring students to live authentically, think expansively, and create bravely.” 

Despite leaving public education to pursue a more entrepreneurial path, I continue to support fellow educators who share my vision in creating a new education system, where every child’s innate curiosity, courage and capacity are nourished and strengthened. I co-created a simple and effective experiential learning framework –  the Cycle of Authentic Relevant Engagement (C.A.R.E.). After years of testing, it has proven to be an effective experiential learning method that reignites teachers’ passion for teaching and helps students thrive! You can learn more about the method and buy the book here: 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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